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The Association for Environment Conscious Building researches and lobbies on all aspects of sustainable construction.
The Green Building Press  provides information and publications to help you create healthy, ecological homes and buildings.

The Institute of Horticulture:    
The Institute of Horticulture is the authoritative organisation representing
all those professionally engaged in Horticulture in the UK & Ireland.

The Landscape Institute
The Landscape Institute is the Royal Chartered body for landscape architects: professionals who inspire people to expect the best from the natural and built environments. Parks, streets, regeneration, waterways and open space are all the work of landscape architects. The LI is a charitable body working to enhance and conserve our landscapes whether rural, urban or coastal.

The Natural Death Centre

The NDC offers free information and advice on inexpensive, family-organised, and environmentally-friendly funerals, via a helpline.  It also publishes a comprehensive guide to Wills, Advance Directives, and Funerals, entitled The Natural Death Handbook.  The book lists the 200 natural burial grounds in the UK where trees are planted as memorials.

The Historic Gardens Foundation          
Historic Gardens Review is a glossy magazine published twice yearly by the non-profit making organisation, the Historic Gardens Foundation. As well as being an entertaining read, the Review campaigns for high standards of conservation for historic parks and gardens across the world and facilitates co-operation between different countries. 


The Phone Co-op                                    
The Phone Co-op is an ethical and environmentally responsible telephone provider.  As well as giving good value on phone calls, they share our aims for ethical and sustainable enterprise.







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