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Environmental Art & Special Commemorative Features

The Stile Company offers an individually tailored service to help you commission environmental art for any purpose or occasion. We can help you create something different as a memorial feature to commemorate someone or something special through environmental art which benefits local communities as well. The finished feature can be as large or small, intricate or simple as you wish.

The service developed from a personal experience.  Mary Dale, the company founder, installed two hand-crafted oak stiles on footpaths in the Peak District National Park in memory of her mother who died of cancer. The stiles replaced existing dilapidated ones as functional pieces of art and much needed improvements to the public footpath network.  Mary’s mother walked this route and her friends still do like many other walkers, using the new stiles. Sadly, Mary also died of cancer in 2008 but the company still continues to offer this specialist service in her memory.

We liaise with all those involved to establish and complete your unique project – artists, statutory authorities, landowners etc. gaining any necessary permissions and approvals which can be complicated and time consuming to achieve. The aim of our special memorial projects is often to link our clients’ requests to improvements that are needed, but which may have a low priority for funding from other sources.  Projects that we undertake give benefit to local communities, enhance environmental quality and add to landscape character and diversity in both urban and rural situations. 

We have established a national network of artist craftspeople, all carefully researched, with whom we work to create beautiful and practical features of all kinds.







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